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Wonder: Let’s Build Yours and Unleash it in Your Company

When I’m out speaking to audiences, I often pose the question to them, “What are you passionate about?” in that instance, I read their stunned faces as the vast majority of them realize they don’t have an answer. They don’t know what they’re passionate about.

So, part of the reason I added in content to stoke passion in my company training programs is to help people find their way back to their passion, to unleash their vitality. When people get connected to what they’re passionate about, they gain energy, zest, and excitement to take on new things and contribute their talents and ideas. The world, and companies, need this vital energy, and so do the people in whom this gets stirred.

Then, I got excited to build on the idea of passion. In my recent on-air conversation on Working on Purpose with Monica Parker, we talked about her riveting new book, The Power of Wonder: The Extraordinary Emotion that Will Change the Way You Live, Learn and Lead. But what is it? “Part of the challenge in answering that question,” Monica says, “is that wonder is often ineffable – it defies language. Wonder is both a journey and a destination. A verb and a noun. A process and an outcome.”

Why would we want to cultivate wonder in our lives and work?  Because wonder is a catalyst to building the social and emotional competencies we need to make us more open, more curious, more compassionate … more human. That sounds pretty good to me in a world filled with technology and impossible schedules.

I appreciate that going to your boss and saying, “I want more wonder at work” might get you a cross-eyed look, but the truth is, work isn’t working for so many people, so why not ask – what have we got to lose? “Imagine trainings on openness, curiosity, absorption, and awe, on wonder-based leadership, on how to take wonder breaks, on how to meet our teammates with wonder,” Monica muses. I’ve pondered that possibility along with her, and have recently threaded in topics on wonder, awe, passion, and joy into my training programs. We start life completely embracing these emotions, and over the course of our school career, they are wiped out of us in standardized testing and the rigors of trying “to become an adult.”

Yet, wonder at work is absolutely achievable and has so many benefits. Experiencing wonder tends to elicit prosocial behaviors among people such that they are more inclined to cooperate and appreciate one another. It has tremendous health benefits and may even extend our lives. The openness and curiosity that accompanies it can be harnessed to innovate new products and services. And consider this — given the enormous “influence large corporations have in shaping global policy, culture and social mores, better work makes for a better world. Who wouldn’t want a world shaped by wonder-based work cultures built on empathy, humility, trust, and inclusivity?” Parker queries. And I share that desire. Come with us? Contribute to building and being part of destination workplaces where people can thrive while dynamically contributing to the organization’s mission. Start by listening or watching this podcast exchange with Monica Parker and learn the five interlinking elements that comprise the wonder cycle, and consider what are your wonderbringers?


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