Alise Cortez and Associates exist to serve companies, leaders, and individuals across the globe to enlighten, enliven, and empower themselves and their workforce to more meaningfully and purposely connect with their work. Everyone wins when people live and work, on purpose.

Finding the Spirit in Work

There is an undeniable shift toward higher consciousness in business and the workplace. Meaning and purpose are considered requisite to engage the hearts and minds of team members while attracting committed customers. Increasingly, leaders understand the importance of...

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The Gallup Organization Report


World's Employees are Engaged


World Employees are Actively Disengaged


Shift to have more of your workforce being engaged

The Gallup Organization 2017 State of the Global Workforce report indicates that only 15% of the world’s employees are fully engaged in their work. While this figure varies considerably across countries, in no country are employees engaged more than 40%. What a waste of potential when you consider that businesses in the top quartile of Gallup’s database are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable than those at the bottom quartile. Consider the profound impact to your organization when Alise Cortez and Associates help shift to 60% or more of your workforce being engaged, instead. Organizations that cultivate an environment that fosters meaning and purpose within individual employees and facilitates connection with the organization’s mission register high levels of productivity and innovation. Most people will spend 40% of their lives at work. And if 85% of the world is dragging themselves through Monday through Friday (or whatever their work schedule), this is a travesty of the human spirit and terrible waste of a precious life. Alise Cortez and Associates exist to serve individuals and leaders across the globe to enlighten, enliven, and empower themselves and their workforce to more meaningfully and purposely connect with their work. Everyone wins when people live and work, on purpose.

Purpose Ignited: How Inspiring Leaders Unleash Passion and Elevate Cause

This book was written to turn you ON – to ignite you from the core of your being! The contents are designed to vitally inspire you to cultivate meaning, passion, and purpose in the everyday moments, unleashing the very best version of you, every day. And then, you will be compelled to bring it – and bring it strong – to everything you do to make the contribution worthy of your one, precious life.

Let’s Get to Working on Purpose, Together

Why do what we do?
  1. Because there’s nothing worse than walking through life hoping, praying, and waiting for Friday at 5 pm – or whenever the shift ends – the proverbial “walking dead.” Living with passion and savoring every precious moment we’ve been granted while leaning into our senses to fully take in and be touched by life – that’s the opportunity to embrace. And these moments absolutely can and do happen at work, too.
  2. Because work is at least a third of our lives. It’s a crime not to be positively contributed to by work or make it a positive expression of who we are. Leaders are in a unique position to profoundly shape and impact their employees’ lives.
  3. Because people are precious in their creation. They deserve to live to their fullest potential AND when they do, everybody wins! They probably need help or a catalyst to get there. We ALL need a hand up. Leaders are that hand up.
  4. Because most leaders and organizations need help catalyzing their workforce to a higher level of effective communication, shared commitment to a deeper level of engagement and performance, and greater level of leadership to pull the team toward the vision.
  5. Because work can be one of the GREATEST adventures of our lives! A playground, laboratory, and frontier to unleash and ever further develop our true, best, and most potent selves. To know, at our very core, that … we … matter. Significantly.
  6. And finally, because everyone wins when employees are fueled by meaningful and purposeful work:
    1. The employee rises to a higher version of herself/himself and enjoys better well-being, energy, and satisfaction in life;
    2. This fulfillment cascades to the employee’s family, who gets the company and example of a happy human being;
    3. Invariably the community wins as the fulfilled employee feels compelled to “give back” and rise up the tide for those in his or her surroundings;
    4. The company absolutely wins because employees working with meaningful and purposeful work engage their talents more fully, persist through challenges and are resilient through organizational change, and are committed to stay;
    5. The country wins as more of its citizens increase their meaningful and connection to their work and GDP (gross domestic product), social stability, and higher living standards is carried upward by the surge in productivity.
Who we work with
  1. Companies and organizations that are not realizing the business results they want or need to nurture their business and take it to the next level – consulting or programs
  2. Audiences who convene in a shared desire to live with passion, work on purpose – and realize their greatest talents and abilities – conferences and groups
  3. Thought leaders in companies who desire sharing their company brand and customer experiences to distinguish themselves as an employer of choice and quality provider of goods and services to the marketplace – radio show thought leader sponsoring partners

Purpose Ignited Chapter Workbooks & Videos

What kind of a difference could you make to each member of your team if you saw them not as who they are today, but who they could become? That is, who could they grow into and become – the person they cannot even see for themselves?
 Enhance your awareness of self and those around you by leveraging these videos and workbooks!

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