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Working on Purpose is a thought leadership platform that advances the conversation on creating destination workplaces that magnetize people, develops inspirational leaders that ignite their motivation to perform at their best while growing into their higher potential, and helps organizations operate from their purpose to do business that betters the world – places most people would be remiss to leave.

Hosted by Dr. Alise Cortez and on air since February 2015, Working on Purpose airs live every Tuesday from 5:00 to 5:50 pm CST, live-streamed on Dr. Cortez’s Working on Purpose YouTube channel. The show is also syndicated on 28 audio platforms, including iHeart, Apple, and Stitcher.

Over the years, the show has featured topics of passion, inspiration, purpose, culture, and leadership, and reflects the unfoldment of the host’s consciousness and consulting practice journey. We prioritize guests who are authors, experts, or renowned speakers due to the show’s educational and inspirational nature. Today, we’re focusing on enhancing spiritual intelligence in corporate leadership and culture. We welcome guests with insights into values like compassion, wonder, awe, love, joy, peace, and personal effectiveness.

March 19, 2024: Kevin Kelley
Irreplaceable: How to Create Extraordinary Places that Bring People Together
March 26, 2024: Todd Davis
Navigating Difficult Conversations
April 2, 2024: Colette Phillips
The Includers: The 7 Traits of Culturally Savvy, Anti-Racist Leaders
April 9, 2024: Jason Gesing
The Metaverse Workplace Revolution: A Path to Greater Profitability, a Stronger Culture, and Industry Disruption
April 16, 2024: Dr. Faisal Hogue
Everything Connects: Cultivating Mindfulness, Creativity, and Innovation for Long-Term Value
April 23, 2024: Andy Molinsky
Forging Bonds in a Global Workforce: Build Rapport, Camaraderie, and Optimal Performance No Matter the Time Zone
April 30, 2024: Dr. Joey Faucette
Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Work Goals
May 7, 2024: Karena Kilcoyne
Rise Above the Story: Free Yourself from Past Trauma and Create the Life You Want
May 14, 2024: Darrin Tulley
Live Your Possible: Ignite Your Happy, Authentic Self and Live a Fulfilling Life Rooted in Joy, Inclusion, Love and Possibilities!
May 21, 2024: Polina Marinova Pompliano
Hidden Genius: The Secret Ways of Thinking that Power the World’s Most Successful People
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Where it all started…going into the Voice America archives 2015-2022

Can’t get enough of the Working On Purpose podcast with Dr. Alise Cortez? Head over to the Voice America archives to listen to podcasts all the way back to 2015!

Featured Guests

As Dr. Cortez reads the books cover to cover of her guests in preparation for the conversation (to continue learning herself and to honor the guest), she enjoys deeply connected dialogue with her guests on air.  She has featured such well-known experts and leaders as:

Raj Sisodia, co-founder of the Global Conscious Capitalism movement and author of The HEALING Organization and 15 other books

Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic and author of the True North books

Stephen M. R. Covey, author of Trust and Inspire

Marcus Buckingham, Founder of the Strengths Revolution

Traci Schubert Barrett, formerly of HGTV and author of What If There’s More: Finding Significance Beyond Success

Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies and author of Everybody Matters

Hugh Welsh, President of DSM

What some guests say about the experience of being featured on Working on Purpose with Dr. Alise:


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