Creating Destination Workplaces

Dr. Alise Cortez’s work is informed by an education grounded in Humanistic/Positivist psychology and Existential Psychology’s Logophilosophy. She has lived in Spain and Brazil, and traveled extensively across Western Europe, South America, and parts of Asia and Oceania.

She is conversationally comfortable and delivers work in Spanish and Portuguese, and has some conversational language ability in French and Italian.


To elevate the culture and leadership of companies to unleash passion and purpose, develop inspirational leaders who steward people to their greatness, and do business through consciousness and “beauty” while delivering operational results that delight stakeholders. 


Working with forward-reaching organizations through programs and consulting, my team and I develop conscious, inspirational leaders and enable them to transform their organizations into high functioning, profitable enterprises by activating meaning and purpose to create vibrant, nurturing cultures that produce high performance, commitment, and innovation. 


We live in a world where business, the most adept, catalyzing engine, champions a better, more enlightened world by consciously elevating all its stakeholders; and where people are deeply fulfilled at work, realize the best versions of themselves through the nurturing stewardship of their leaders in doing so, and are vitally inspired and dedicated to produce great work and quality innovation that creates a better world for us all.


In Order Of Priority

Personal Values:

significance, passion, learning, growth, consciousness, intimacy, uniqueness, empowerment, spirituality, experience.

Through business:

purpose + profit, higher purpose, business as a force for good, conscious capitalism, experiential learning, social impact, sustainability, mindfulness, potential, self-realization.

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