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Dr. Alise Cortez’s purpose: To awaken individuals to their passion and purpose and inspire them to make a contribution worthy of their one, precious lives. To help companies create “destination workplaces” that attract the best talent, inspire their greatest contribution, ignite their reach to realize their potential, and give them a place to belong where they won’t want to leave. Ultimately, let’s create a world where WORK is noble and a fantastic playground to realize our potential while doing business that betters the world. Business can be such a force for good in the world, elevating humanity.

Dr. Alise’s work includes cultural transformation, leadership development, professional development, and speaking. Her niche is activating meaning and purpose to operationalize it in people and organizational culture.



About Alise

Hi, I'm Alise Cortez

Purpose and Engagement Catalyst Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Alise Cortez is the Chief Ignition Officer at Gusto, NOW!, a management consulting firm specializing in the activation of meaning and purpose. She is also an inspirational speaker, organizational logotherapist, social scientist, author, and host of the Working on Purpose podcast.  

Having developed her expertise within the human capital / organizational excellence industry over the last 25 years, she is focused on helping companies, leaders, and individuals across the globe to live with “gusto” and make the most of their one, precious life.

Today Dr. Cortez is focused on enabling organizations to lead from purpose and create cultures that inspire impassioned performance, meaningful engagement and fulfillment, while encouraging a devoted stay within the organization. For individuals, Dr. Cortez facilitates an online global community and various retreats to enable people hungry for a more meaningful and purposeful life to create it for themselves.


What I Pour Myself Into

Work gets a bad rap, with many people equating it to a bad four-letter word. I’m out to help companies create destination workplaces where people are led by inspirational leaders who help them realize their greatness, grow into their greater potential, and feel like they’re part of something they can be proud of.

  • Speaking: I am known for my inspirational speaking, elevating audiences with passion and zest.
  • Working: As an organizational psychologist and logotherapist, I equip companies to develop inspirational leaders and cultures activated by meaning and purpose.
  • Writing: I am a passionate researcher on workplace, culture, and leadership; I also write about purpose, meaning, and loss.
  • Podcast: On air since February 2015, I am tremendously proud of the Working on Purpose program. It is my vehicle for constant learning, development, and research.


Certificatations & Affilations


People working from their strengths are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their work.


By 2030, the majority of the workforce will be comprised of Generation Y (millennials) and Z who will insist on doing work they find meaningful in a compassionate, caring culture.


Investors seek purpose-led organizations by a factor of 15 to 1 due to their outstanding innovative, operational, and financial outcomes.


Results From Working With Dr. Alise Cortez

Hear What My Clients Say

"Alise is a captivating speaker with outstanding insights about Employee Engagement. She’s a tireless and dedicated researcher who is able to present complex ideas in direct and understandable language. Her infectious energy and wisdom about human relationships is reflected in the great work that she does."


Mark Snyder

Regional Leadership Forum Facilitator, Society for Information Management
"I have worked with Alise Cortez for two years on our Women in Leadership Forum – a networking event focused on addressing issues facing women in Pharma. Alise has been an absolute pleasure to work with on this project; her friendly and professional manner instantly engages attendees and puts the room at ease.  A skilled moderator, Alise worked extensively with our panelists pre-event to ensure everyone felt comfortable with the agenda points and led the discussion seamlessly on the day of the event – not an easy task! It’s a privilege to work with Alise and I very much looking forward to our continued collaboration."

Tara Dougal

Head of Content, UBM

"Alise spoke at my firm’s women’s leadership group.   Her topic of engagement and retention was spot on to what we needed and was delivered in a way that motivated everyone in the room.  Alise is passionate about what she does and was relatable to various levels of professionals attending the program.   She encouraged participation and got results, which is typically a challenge with a room full of accountants.  I would highly recommend Alise as a presenter and would gladly bring her in for future programs."

Susan Powell

Partner, Whitley Penn

"Great presentation skill and keeping the attendees engaged. I have taken 2 sessions with you and I have to say you keep it real and very interesting."

Monica Swafford

Manager, IT BVM Sales and Marketing Business Analysis, DIRECTV

"If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your event … or an invigorating bolt of lightning to inspire your team … no one I know “brings it” quite like Dr. Alise Cortez. If you want to inspire your team or audience with a deeper sense of purpose, and get people believing in not only their abilities to do ore, but increase their passion to DO more… then talk to Alise."

Shawn Anderson

#1 ranked Author in "Motivation" and "Self-Help" and Founder, Extra Mile America

"Renaissance woman. Helping people. Intelligent radio discourse. Expert in a field of “Working on Purpose”. Multi-lingual, broad academic background, lived overseas. Impeccable style."

Paul Garrett

Testing and Assessments, Center at Austin Community College

"Alise Cortez brought her strong presence and formidable skills to San Antonio. She moved the needle not only for the corporate side of things but impacted our foundation’s talented committee. She finished with a big bang by training a diverse group of youth at Restore Education, one of our preferred partners. I witnessed the awakening as it unfolded which was palpable not to mention the ROI it will bring on all three trainings! Thank you Alise Cortez you are a dynamo."

Martha Barnes

Founder, Full Force Foundation

"Quite possibly the sole catalyst in my drive to push forward and accomplish my current endeavors in the field of psychology. She is extraordinary with an uncanny ability to inspire and spark change. I highly recommend anyone in the position to witness her skills to do so!"

Kevin Hall

Former Student

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Alise Cortez for over a decade. Her ability to create new understanding in the management/leadership development arena and apply that into scintillating classroom experience is unparalleled! I highly recommend her and her work and partner with her at every opportunity!"

Michael Rochelle

Manager, Leadership Consultant, CRM Associates

"Alise delivered an engaging and customized Keynote Speech to rejuvenate our group of dedicated career services professionals from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area Consortium of Career Centers at the end of a long recruiting season.  She inspired great discussion around the meaning of our work and generated a renewed mission for each individual to reconnect with their individual source of positive energy.  Alise has a captivating spirit that is contagious. She was the best speaker for our professional development event."

Alicia T. Love, M.A., M. Ed

Assistant Director, Employer Relations at Southern Methodist University, President of DFW Metroplex Area Consortium of Career Centers

"I was enrolled in Alise’s leadership sessions and they were life changing.

She helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can better harness your skills and experience to be the best leader you can be. Through the sessions I was able to find deeper value and meaning in the work I do by further exploring my purpose and passion. Not only did I gain leadership skills to use in the office but my personal life benefited as well. Whether you are looking to develop your leadership skills, be re-motivated, find the connection between your work and passion, or improve communication skills, you will be able to do so with courses from Alise. The knowledge I gained from this experience will stick with me forever and I believe everyone would find value in sessions with Alise."


Sustainability Consultant

Alise’s presentation was inspiring and uplifting. It was like “lifting the veil” to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly but sprinkled with hope for the future of our Gen Y & Z in the workplace."

Genevieve Nicholas

Owner/Facilitator of Saddle Up Life Skills - Sustainability Consultant

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