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Dr. Alise Cortez and Associates is committed to creating workplaces where people thrive and give their best, inspirational leaders lead teams to their greatness, and business is conducted by serving all stakeholders in the highest capacity. We are proud to recommend the products and services of our associates to usher in this world.
Word Prude

WorkProud is a mobile platform built to encourage employees to share stories and recognize each other’s contribution. WorkProud empowers HR and business leaders to help create company cultures where all employees are inspired to feel proud of their work and proud of their company. If building a positive culture of recognition is something you are prioritizing, visit them at

Alumni Network:
Alumni Netowkr

Enterprise Alumni is an Alumni and Retiree management platform for the enterprise. Join the world’s leading organizations in harnessing their alumni talent pool to drive recruitment, sales and brand value. Visit them at


A job search engine to help you find the job of your dreams. Work (also called labor) is one of the leading components of human life, it is a matter of self-actualization, the pursuit of a complete identification and development of personal abilities, which are indispensable conditions for happiness. Jooble believes that there is a suitable job for each individual that can complement his or her life with meaning and joy to be useful to society.

Something or Other Publishing (SOOP):

SOOP’s Author-Driven Book publishing model is revolutionary. It combines the best elements of both traditional and self-publishing while taking advantage of social media and crowd sourcing. As an author, you not only have control over the process of landing a publishing contract, you earn much higher royalties than with traditional publishing. We call this brave new model author driven publishing, and it’s all about educating and empowering authors to gradually master what we call the “3 P’s” of publishing: Product, Platform, and Promotion. Visit: Something or Other Publishing, LLC (


Our Vision is a Network of Global Online Communities Co-Creating a Flourishing World. “CommUnify” is our new online platform for conscious individuals and communities to network with one another, share resources, and spread the positive energy of an awakened world. Https://

Work Well Warriors: Helps professionals working from home to design their ideal life & protect their wellbeing. Without making sacrifices in their career.
KDW Career Coaching: