Forward-thinking companies serious about remaining vibrant and competitive recognize the need and benefit to develop women as strong contributing, fulfilled professionals and thought leaders. Women lean toward creating environments where team members are supported in their own growth, enjoy collaborating, and are encouraged to step out and innovate. Yet the corporate environment may not recognize the unique development needs of women and can be hostile as they try to balance growing their career with family demands. Thus, women often choose to depart, creating a performance and innovation vacuum inside companies. Diane McClay and Alise Cortez converse on how observing these trends led them to convene the Women on Purpose Thought Leadership Summit in Portland, OR Sept 2019. Designed to bring women from across the nation together to engage deeply in the latest best practices of fulfillment, engagement, well-being, and leadership and cascade the ripple effect back into their respective organizations. Listen on iHeart Radio or VoiceAmerica Empowerment