What if you were to kick off your career asking the simple question, “What’s the biggest problem I see in the world that I want to address?” Such an arrestingly simple question as it speaks to what you most care about in terms of values. And yet, heeding such a call is often where purpose is born and legacy awaits.

This is exactly the question John Baker was challenged to ask himself by his then college professor. He was only in his early 20s and the answer he came up with was education – as he saw it was the single thing that anchored most of the progress in the world.

So, he convinced five of his professors to put their courses on line, and D2L was born in the late 1990s. Some twenty years later, that dream has grown to a well-established and innovative online learning and education company that has served more than 14 million people in over 50 countries, powered by 900 employees. The power of bold vision.

Your invitation awaits. What big problem do you see in the world that you stand to address? Need some some serious inspiration to pose this question for yourself? Listen in as Founder and CEO John Baker of D2L shares his story.

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