Hands down, one of the greatest gifts in hosting the weekly Working on Purpose radio show is meeting brilliant business leaders and authors across the globe. In preparing for our conversations and reading their books or articles, I continue my own learning journey. This steeped study allows me to create my value in my own consulting and speaking in order to be of greater service to my clients.

In reading Brandon Peele‘s brilliant book, Planet on Purpose, in preparation for our on air conversation, I was positively swept away by the depth of this man’s thinking. Many people understand purpose as an on/off switch – Brandon illuminates four distinctive phases that have vastly different expressions as lived. We also talked about how increasingly large organizations and even nations are re-evaluating their purpose to ensure they’re being and having the impact on the world they desire.

Purpose is never-ending. Glad you’re on the journey with us. To watch the video version of our conversation, here’s the You Tube version. Audio is available on Voice America and iHeart. Cheers!