You may not be aware … but you have a very special friend accompanying you everywhere you go. Sometimes, that friend is good, kind and supportive of you. And other times, very critical and outright mean to you.

That friend is none other than your self-esteem. Becoming both well aware (conscious) of your level of self-esteem and then stewarding its growth and development will quite literally dictate the results in life, your relationships, and business.

One thing I’ve learned from my work with high level leaders is that the vast majority of them engage a mentor, coach or some other group to learn from, be inspired by, and to check their limiting mindsets. In today’s ridiculously fast moving workplace, learning is the order of the day. Get help along the way.

Listen in as I talk with personal transformation expert Renee Cermack about what she’s learned about the pivotal importance of self-esteem and its role in our life and some effective ways she’s learned to develop it.

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