19 years as an award-winning corporate businesswoman was not the ticket to fulfillment … until Michele discovered comedy as her platform for freedom and a way to help others through their struggles. It took realizing that inauthenticity was the way she was successful in her corporate roles – being someone she was not. Almost overnight, Michele found being true to and honoring her tragic past and the way she navigated through it, opened a path to a new career. Too many of us fall prey to making excuses to changing careers – “we’ve got too many years in one industry” or “we’re too old to start something new.” Once Michele came to terms with her past and embraced it as a unique set of circumstances that set her apart from others, she could no longer ignore the screaming inner voice that called her to her new career. This episode is her story.  Guest: Michele Collins. Listen here on iHeartRadio or VoiceAmerica Empowerment.