Have you ever felt an irresistible nudge encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone? According to Wei-Li Shao, more often than not, this nudge isn’t a question, but rather an answer. After spending 18 years in the pharma industry and experiencing a severe health scare, Wei-Li decided to take the leap and pursue what he calls his “2.0”. In this episode, we hear Wei-Li’s story in depth — highlighting the moment he learned of a sudden brain tumor, and the journey it took for him to heal and finally feel a sense of “home” after switching industries to work at Omada Health. While many of us wait for something to force us outside of our comfort zone, Wei-Li encourages us to take our nudges seriously and take action through a series of bite-sized steps. Be prepared to be inspired, deeply moved, a bit shaken off your feet. Listen on iHeart Radio or VoiceAmerica Empowerment.