– Living with Passion, Working on Purpose –

Lessons Our Animals Teach Us to Become Our Best Selves

Did you know your pet comes into your life to teach you specific lessons? And that he also has his own life mission? I didn’t either until I talked with Dr. Joanne Lefebvre of Hayley's Angels. There is so much we can learn about ourselves and the planet we all share,...

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Resilience: Building a Life After Devastating Hardship

Life can serve up some powerful punches that can seem incredibly cruel and unfair while in the throes of wrestling with them. Often, hardship is a tremendous opportunity in disguise to discover just who and what we can become in life. It’s so important to remember...

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Integrating Passion with Purpose: A Recipe to Live Your 2.0

Have you ever felt an irresistible nudge encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone? According to Wei-Li Shao, more often than not, this nudge isn’t a question, but rather an answer. After spending 18 years in the pharma industry and experiencing a severe...

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Catalyzing Success through Collaborative Advantage

As the world changes, so must our marketing and strategic orientation to it. Gone are the days of competitive advantage to best peers and emerge as number one in the marketplace. We are now in an era of collaborating with all manner of unlikely suspects including our...

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