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Avoid Disaster: Say NO to Gut Decisions

“It just feels right” or “I go with my gut” are very common ways we have been encouraged to make decisions. Yet in today’s complex social and business environment, this emotional or instinctual approach simply does not serve us well and has actually been proven...

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Lynne Franks: Today’s Renaissance Woman

Most of us ache to live a full life of contribution and impact, one we're proud of and leaves us fulfilled. At 71, having made large waves in the Public Relations and Fashion industries early in her career, Lynne Franks launched a global women's leadership platform 20...

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Unconscious Bias vs Consciously Dancing with Life

Unconscious bias is a short cut technique we all employ to try to deal with the constant onslaught of information we confront every day. Using it in the workplace often results in limited input to decisions to hire, promote, and develop individuals within the...

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Finding Strength in Your Struggle

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health diagnoses in the US, followed by substance abuse disorder. This is due in part to our tendency as an individualistic society to assume alone more day-to-day burdens than our collectivist society brethren who...

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GallantFew: Helping Veterans Find Hope and Purpose

Military men and women face an enormous challenge transitioning from active duty to the civilian world, often describe it as the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Leaving behind a life and mission governed by purpose and putting their own life on the line in service to...

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