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Who Will You Be in This Coronavirus Pandemic?

Who will you be in this coronavirus pandemic? It’s a question that deserves your immediate attention and razor focus.  The choice just might be a testament to your life - the way you’re ultimately remembered. The world is irreversibly altered and we’re now united...

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Mother Nature Calls her STEM Daughters

What would happen in your own life if you invested time, energy, and money into your own development? How would that catalyze your fulfillment and success? Listen now as Dr. Jeanette McConnell shares her 2019 experience alongside 99 other women from 33 different...

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Change a Life in a Single Conversation

Want to make a profound difference in this one, precious life you’ve been granted? Learn how to change someone’s life for the better in a single conversation. It will take a certain mindset, a clear heart, and being fully present, among other essentials discussed in...

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Christmas as an Everyday State of Mind

What if we lived every day of the year as if it were Christmas – and as if we were Santa Claus? What if we let ourselves be called into a higher state of being that embodied love, gratitude, and giving, every day – not just during the holidays? It’s a good bet that...

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