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The Science of Purpose and its Expression Potentials

Hands down, one of the greatest gifts in hosting the weekly Working on Purpose radio show is meeting brilliant business leaders and authors across the globe. In preparing for our conversations and reading their books or articles, I continue my own learning journey....

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Recreating the Learning Experience for COVID Times

It has been such an exhilarating and fulfilling experience to work with Cornerstone League over the years. Tamra Gaines and Amber Bailey have brought me in to speak at their various leadership and professional development conferences. But then this thing called COVID...

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The Value of “Thank You”

One of the easiest ways to get anyone to stay in any relationship - personal or business - is simply to acknowledge and thank them for being with you. Even more effective is to acknowledge and appreciate the specific things they do to contribute to your life - and...

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The End of Growing and Learning is the Grave

You may not be aware ... but you have a very special friend accompanying you everywhere you go. Sometimes, that friend is good, kind and supportive of you. And other times, very critical and outright mean to you. That friend is none other than your self-esteem....

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Unleashing the Desire to Learn

What if you were to kick off your career asking the simple question, "What's the biggest problem I see in the world that I want to address?" Such an arrestingly simple question as it speaks to what you most care about in terms of values. And yet, heeding such a call...

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