– Living with Passion, Working on Purpose –

Instead of Laboring, Why Not Put Your Purpose to Work?

Most people lack the clarity of who they really are and seem to be in an endless search for a better job. And this is the problem; people are looking for a good job, the ideal job, instead of first figuring out their purpose, why they are here on earth. When you...

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Elevate Your Team’s Performance with Holacracy

Through a social technology for governing and operating a team, holacracy takes the best from Getting Things Done and Agile approaches to yield a dynamic approach to collaboration and productivity. It involves continually evolving the team structure based on small...

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What Makes You Shine?

We live in a world with a lot of noise. That makes it hard to hear our own thoughts and understand ourselves. It takes discipline and a different mindset to focus on who we are and learn how we can uniquely be of service to the world. And yet, when we do take the time...

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Does Your Work Delight You?

Here's some solid good news for you: If your work does not delight you today, guess what - you can make it so tomorrow! All you need is a little sprinkle of social purpose. In a magnificent conversation with Bea Boccalandro of Vera Works, we talked about her latest...

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