What a wonderful journey! Though I’ve been working with Strengths within organizations for several years, I took my practice to a new level by becoming certified as a Strengths Coach with Gallup.  Joining 32 other fine professionals from across the states in late July, we took our four and a half days of coursework, and then were tasked with coaching six people who evaluated us to Gallup standard, and passing the Strengths exam. As of Monday, it’s official – I passed all stages and am now certified!  There are only 150 such certified individuals … in the world.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the work I get to do with kids, families, individuals, and teams within organizations. It is truly a privilege to get to do this kind of work – especially when someone says, “Wow, this really changed my life!” And they mean that in a profoundly positive way. Just last night, I had the honor of conducting a Strengths workshop for 13 truly talented Hockaday high school students.  Wow, what an amazing group of young women – I am certain they will greatly impact their communities through their leadership and heart.  After the workshop, they were even more steadfast in their convictions of service and felt more affirmed about their own abilities.

In everything I do, including my coaching of course, I bring my Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Activator, Learner, Responsibility, and Maximizer. Life is definitely better when you live and work from your Strengths – you are more engaged and productive.  As a Maslow fan, I believe cultivating a strengths-based life allows you to ever strive toward your potential – and be aware of and enjoy your progress in doing so. I think most people want to live a purposeful and intentional life, and focusing on our Strengths is a natural way to align with that strategy. Here’s to even more satisfying work ahead!