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Modes of Engagement

How we’re connected to our work, and engaged and enlivened by it – is driven by person-situation/environment dynamics. The good news? We can change that dynamic by our ow view of the work – or by changing the work environment. Human beings are powerful meaning makers … who can discover their own unique set of drivers that bring out their best self and contribution?

Live With Passion, Work on Purpose

Not just a matter of figuring out how you’re connected to work – and whether that’s working – but what in the world should I DO with myself? What’s my passion, purpose, direction? I’m lost … and desperately want to be found.


The kind that’s visionary and inspirational. That’s the kind of leader I want to be for myself – and follow/be led by.

Exchanging dialogue with other thought leaders on the radio

Organizations whose leaders want to share their culture and values and perspective with listeners relative to meaningful work – and showcase their company as an employer of choice. Voice/window to customers and prospective employees.

Customized offerings

Need an engaging, inspirational speaker or facilitator for your retreat or event? I LOVE doing this – and your group and effort will be more productive and effective because of it. Call us and let’s DO this thing!

Corporate Offerings

Modes of Engagement

Do you understand your personal connection to the work you do?  The way we experience our work can be incredibly empowering, unleashing tremendous energy and creativity  – or dismally disappointing and draining. The meaning we ascribe our work has a powerful, synergistic impact on how we experience its relationship to our personal identity – that is, who we are, how we think of ourselves, and how we present ourselves to the world. And that connection between our work and how it may inform our personal identity drives our decisions, behavior, and overall effort. In this 4-hour program, participants will learn their own current mode of engagement, realize the pros and cons that accompany it, and consider ways to adopt other modes of engagement that may better suit their values and goals, if desired. Whether your current mode of engagement is your ideal, this program allows both the organization and the individual to discover ways to enable a more fulfilled, engaged, and productive workplace.  


Strengths-Based Teams and Leadership

While many professionals recognize they must “overcome weaknesses” to have a successful career, they often do so at the expense of maximizing their strengths and thus miss the opportunity to thrive in their organization. By way of synergy, organizations that foster a culture grounded in strengths also register more significant levels of productivity, innovation, and retention.  When employees are encouraged to do tasks they enjoy, they experience increased intrinsic motivation and more extended periods of concentration and thus persist at tasks longer – all of which propel creativity and productivity. This 6-hour workshop includes the following modules: Introduction to the Strengths Paradigm, Business Case for Strengths, Myths and Truths about Strengths and Weaknesses, Identifying and Communicating Strengths, and Strengths at Play (with an organization-specific work application final exercise).


  • The kind that’s visionary and inspirational. That’s the kind of leader I want to be for myself – and follow/be led by.

Public or Individual- Oriented Offerings

Chart Your Course – Creating the Life OF PASSION You Really Want

A day for designing the next chapter of your life! In today’s hustle and bustle world, we can find ourselves going through the motions or on “auto pilot,” rather than truly living the life of passion and purpose we really want. Wherever you are, have you considered, what will you do with your one, precious life? In this full-day retreat, you’ll join fellow adventurers on a guided, creative discovery of rest-of-life possibilities. You’ll start by writing a 2-3 page life story and taking the Enneagram assessment (both pre-work), and then in the retreat gain a fresh perspective, develop a clarified vision for your life, consider transition fears and motivators, and build a personal plan of action. Whether you’re 70 or 20, male or female, if you’re stuck and want a fresh start, this program is for you.


Cultivating a Strengths-Based Life – for Youth (ages 10-14) and Their Parents

Kids who are alerted to their strengths early in life gain the advantage of building a satisfying and successful life grounded in their unique talents. They gain powerful self-awareness and self-confidence that allows them to more fully blossom and make the most of who they are. When parents focus on their child’s strengths, they can have an extraordinarily positive impact on his or her development. Further, a child who can crisply articulate her strengths is better positioned for scholastic and future career opportunities. This 2-hour workshop is attended by both the youth and parent(s) and is facilitated by Alise who is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. Child participants will take the online Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer assessment administered by the Gallup Organization. The workshop provides a guided exploration of the child’s strengths with activities and reflection.

The most fulfilled individuals and the most successful organizations often view learning and development as a life-long journey of excitement and skill development that also facilitates a healthy bottom line.


Discover and Leverage Your Strengths – At School and Work (For students age 14-22)

High school and college students are in a unique stage of life, embarking on their adulthood as they navigate their academic careers. Those students who seek to discover, develop, and apply their talents during this time can build a base from which to leverage them for greater academic and career fulfillment and success now and throughout their lives.  They gain powerful self-awareness and self-confidence that allows them to more fully develop their talents and make the most of who they really are.  Also, students who can crisply articulate their strengths gain competitive advantage for scholastic and future career opportunities and set themselves apart from their peers.  This interactive 2-hour program provides a venue for students to explore their strengths in academia and possible or current work settings, consider how to apply their talents to achieve important life goals, and consider how they may best relate to others given their strengths. This program is facilitated by Alise who is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach.

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