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Protecting and Monetizing Entrepreneurial Ideas

Got a great idea? Does it need protecting and if so, how? Do you know how to monetize the idea and turn it into a business or some kind of offering? In this exciting episode, we talk with intellectual property attorney Angela Langlotz aka The Trademark Doctor, about...

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Surety of Death Fires Urgent Purpose in Life

If there’s one thing we can all count on, it’s that our lives will come to an end. And it’s that finality that we can summon to harness a tremendous sense of purpose across our lives. We get just one shot at this thing called life – what will you do with your precious...

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How are YOU at holding “Crucial Conversations”?

Last Thursday and Friday I had the privilege of facilitating a Crucial Conversations workshop with a group of Strategy professionals in the Los Angeles area, CA with my friend and colleague Michael Rochelle. This was the 16th session there for me, and I...

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Transportation in India

As I looked out my office window here in Dallas and noticed the usual hustle and bustle traffic going by, I was struck by the memory of the traffic I observed during my India trip in India. Where we in Dallas and many of the cities across the US travel in a car often...

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