– Living with Passion, Working on Purpose –

Building the Purpose Movement

Paul Ratoff is inspired by the magnificent contribution non profit and for profit organizations make to the world. And they can make an even bigger impact when they are led from purpose and all their stakeholders are inspired from the broader purpose. In this episode,...

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Uncovering Passion by Overcoming Pain

Humans are amazingly good at hanging onto old misgivings and pain from the past. A life-long accumulation of hurt can completely derail the pursuit of a passionate and purposeful life, unless we can awaken ourselves to limiting pain and trauma. In this episode, we...

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Breaking Free to Chase Your Dreams

Life is full of an enormous array of experiences ranging from ecstatically beautiful and profoundly moving to devastatingly painful and debilitating. It’s the way we frame and respond to these experiences that makes all the difference. In this episode, we hear Brandy...

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What’s Your “Next”? And How Will You Make It Happen?

What will you do with your one, precious life? Full of “nexts,” you get to decide daily just what comprises this life of yours. It’s easy to get pulled down by the sheer momentum of everyday life. It takes dreaming about the life you want and all its “next steps” and...

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Celebrating Christmas and Hanukah in a Life and Work of Joy

It’s the holidays, and there is joy everywhere! At least, that’s so with guest Sherri Schwartz, co-owner of Carpet Maven, who celebrates both Christmas and Hanukah each year and decorates with an uncommon zeal. She throws herself into her relationships all over life –...

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Progress Leadership in the World of Constant Change

Dean Lindsay is a keynote speaker with a humorous and engaging approach. He is an expert and award-winning author on influence, connection, goal setting, sales, and customer service. Dean shares his perspective that "progress leadership" is the new way forward past...

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