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How are YOU at holding “Crucial Conversations”?

Last Thursday and Friday I had the privilege of facilitating a Crucial Conversations workshop with a group of Strategy professionals in the Los Angeles area, CA with my friend and colleague Michael Rochelle. This was the 16th session there for me, and I...

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Transportation in India

As I looked out my office window here in Dallas and noticed the usual hustle and bustle traffic going by, I was struck by the memory of the traffic I observed during my India trip in India. Where we in Dallas and many of the cities across the US travel in a car often...

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Conducting a Strengths Workshop in Madurai, India

Almost at the tail end of my stay in India, I was given the opportunity on December 16th by the CM Centre to conduct a Strengths Finder workshop with 20 junior English Literature students from the American College in Madurai, India. I was positively elated at the...

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